Love Yourself

Now that school is over (for a month) I finally have figured out what my next post is about. As many of you know I started a weight loss transformation journey about 5 years ago. It has taken me a LONG LONG time to feel comfortable in my body and feel confident to wear almost anything!

A year and a half ago we were blessed with an AMAZING baby girl. She is my life and my world but I have struggled with finding that confidence I had before having her. Just recently and much thanks to my husband who tells me I look GREAT everyday started running in a sports bra. All I have been seeing lately is seeing a jiggly, untoned tummy. My husband said I should just take a pic of myself so I can actually see what others are seeing. I did it and this is what I saw:


It is not a 6 pack by any means but I’m loving my 2-pack and this is the most toned I have ever been. Seeing this opened up my eyes that I AM ONE HOT MAMA! My uncle who hasn’t seen me since my wedding 3 years ago even told me I look like I am in better shape and slimmer than I was. Slimmer, this may be true but I definitely know I am in better shape.

Before I had Ari I started running and it is something that I enjoy doing (most days) and it gives me a great competitive drive. This year alone I busted out a 27 min 5 k which just gave me a number to beat! I have also cut down my mile time to average 9 min (sometimes a little under) mile with out Ari in the BOB and about a 9:30-9:45 min mile with her. I have become faster and fitter.

Before Ari I was a crazy health nut (according to Tom). We had minimal processed foods in the house, never had lunch meat and I was always finding ways to “healthify” things. I am still that crazy health nut as I want to teach Ari about good nutrition, but since having Ari we have eaten out a little bit more than we use to, I developed a sweet tooth and lunch meats are convenient! I do still try to “healthify” things but definitely not as much. You have to find your balance I would say mine is about 80/20. I do treat myself, my weakness is sour patch kids. I know they are bad for you but its just my weakness, everyone has one! I tend to indulge in them more often than I should since having Ari.

Every week I go through my recipes, pintrest, instagram and look for some wholesome healthy meals to cook. I have found since having Ari if I meal plan it helps us from deviating to unhealthy foods. I always leave one day for leftovers or if  dinner has failed then take out. Next I go through all the grocery flyers to see what is on sale and finalize my menu.

If you have decided you need to change I will be honest with you it is hard! I still struggle with my inner fat kid. Like I said I have a weakness for sour patch kids. But I need to know that yes having a treat is good and ok but a few times a week is probably not the smartest idea, despite working out 3-4 times a week.  It took me 2 years to lose all my weight and took my 5 years and 1 baby later to have abs like these!

Remember LOVE your body, LOVE yourself, be CONFIDNET and be PROUD of what you have accomplished.

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