Grab a chair and get to WORK

Today will end my full week of at home workouts. The tattoo is healing very nicely and I am hoping with covering it and keeping it super clean I can get out to run next week and maybe a workout or 2 in the house. I will stay away from the gym next week as it can be a bit grosser than being outside.

Today all you need is a chair and I KNOW everyone has a chair in their house!

  • Decline pushups (12)
  • Crunches (12)
  • Flutter kicks (20)
  • 4 Direction Taps (8)
  • Arm-hip lift (12)
  • Single leg bridge (8 each side)

CLIKC HERE to see the workout!

I did it for 4 rounds and you can modify the push ups by having feet on ground hands on chair for an incline push up




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