At Home Workouts Continues

I put Ari down for her nap and sat at the table with my cup of coffee thinking what am I going to do today so I can get a decent workout. I see my physio ball so lonely in the corner and figure well lets use that today. This is what I came up with:

Physio Ball at Home Workout

  • Dead bug
  • Plank Shoulder touches
  • Leg outs
  • Bridge march
  • Push ups
  • Russian twist
  • Arm-leg lifts
  • pulsing thigh squeezes
  • V-pass
  • Roll outs

All of these are done using the physio ball.

Download a HIIT timer on your phone and set it for 30 seconds of work 10 seconds rest. But in this workout your rests are not rests at all! You will hold a 10 second plank! I did this a total of 4 rounds and felt it! Do less or more depending on where you are in your fitness journey! And remember if one of the exercises is too difficult DONT DO IT!!!!

To see how a round looks click on the link!

Until Next time!


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