Staying accountable

img_0478This weekend I finally got my Family Tree. With getting a new tattoo that means extra precautions not contract any infection. So what does this mean for working out. Well no gym or running for at least 2 possibly 3 weeks. Which my friends know is killer! I LOVE being at the gym. Being at the gym and running is a great relaxation outlet for me and motivator to keep going. I hate being at home and doing at home workouts and I am not going to lie it is really tough to stay motivated and do them!

So today once Ari went down I threw some laundry in and went at it! Today was a 4 round circuit and the only equipment needed was a theraband. You can pick these up cheap at target or if you are ever in PT save your bands!

  • Seated Arm Flys (15)
  • Double leg Clam Shells (15)
  • Side Plank Crunch with Theaband (15 each side)
  • Plank (30 second hold)
  • Single Leg V-Ups
  • Plank Series: (6 total of each))
    • Rotates
    • Leg-ups
    • Arm-outs
    • Jacks

For some reason the video wont load so here is the link: At Home Workout Series.

I will post my daily/bi-daily workouts to keep me accountable!

Enjoy and until next time!


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