When your origional workout goes to hell find a new one!

Woke up this morning so excited for the nice weather and finally having the ability to run outside! My bag was packed and I was ready to head out! Today was a good day I was going to hit off being 30 the right way, with physical activity and putting another semester in the books at WSU! My final was over and I hopped in the car to head off to the rail trail. On my way over I realized I didn’t have an arm band holder for my phone. Good thing I passed a TJmax on the way!

Got to the rail trail put my phone in the band and it was too small, ok no worries I am off for a great 3 mile run and going to ENJOY this AMAZING weather! I get out on the rail trail start a light job then BAM I see what I am wearing; my everyday shoes! No worries I have my running shoes in my bag in the back seat of my car. So I head to the car open up the back door and no poka dot bag. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!”

I get back in the car, shut off strava because I clearly am not recording anything and I get a notification from Starbucks that my birthday treat is waiting for me. “What the hell, why not! This workout has already gone to hell and I am back on track eating wise from this weekend.” So off I go and get a venti chai frap. Boy was it YUMMY!


After getting in my car I realize if my poka dot bag is at home so are my clothes for work. UGH really! I was just hoping there was some shorts or pants at work that I had left. I think to myself “30 is not off to a great start!” Thankfully there was both capris and shorts!

After my health class I have about 30 minutes until school ends and my athletic training duties start so I figure might as well get some sort of exercise in today. I quickly change and write down 8 exercises and go to work!

Here is the lifting work out I did! I did a total of 3 rounds. Could of done 4 if I didn’t record it for you all! Which the video is so armature; I’ll get better at it I promise!

  • Squat: 10
  • Dumbbell Row: 10 each side
  • Lung with a twist: 10 total
  • Push ups: 10
  • Plié squat: 10
  • Spiderman planks: 10 each side
  • Bicycle crunches: 20
  • Curl and press: 10


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