Working out for a cause

Sometimes we need motivation to push ourselves to be the best we can be or to do a challenge that we have been teetering on the fence with. Sometimes we need motivation to just workout! 

Well motivate yourself by working out or training for your challenge or goal for a cause. 

This year my husband decided he was going to fulfill a challenge he has been thinking about and do for a charity. He is going to complete an eversting challenge and in doing so is hoping to bring awareness about Alpha-1 and raise money for the Alpha-1 Foundation. 

What is everesting? You may be asking yourself. Well it is when you take your bike and ride up and down the same hill until you reach the higher of Mount Everest which is  8,848 m (29,029 ft). As he will be riding up and down this hill about 100 times it takes a lot of training. But he suffers through all of it knowing he is doing it for his dad.

You also may be wondering what Aloha-1 is as well. I had never heard of it until I met my husband. Alpha-1 is a rare genetic disease that can effect the liver and lungs. It tends to go highly undetected. It occurs when the individual has 2 mutated genes and they lack the alpha-1 antitrypsin protein in their blood. In the lungs it protects from inflammation from infection and in the liver it builds up and is unable to be released. 

You too can complete challenges like this if you put your mind to it and you to can help raise money for any charity by being physically active. You can find a cause that is dear to your heart or get to your App Store on your phone and find an app such as charity miles. The great thing about something like charity miles is every time you go out your miles are helping raise money to fund research, save a life, or feed a family. 

If you would like to know more about Everesting for Alpha-1 find our group on Facebook (Everesting for Alpha-1) and check out our findraiser page

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