Month of active rest comes to an end

Well today marks the last day of staying off my feet when it comes to exercising. I had to be creative and think outside the box! The first 2 weeks was strong being in the pool 3 days a week, yoga during Ari’s morning nap and doing an upper body and ab workout 2-3 days a week. Week 3 rolled around and I saw 1 mile and well I was sorta over swimming. I wanted to do more but was not feeling the pool. That week I did strength training and yoga. Week 4 I got the feet active, I rowed, biked and did full body HIIT workouts focusing on strength. I also finally got a new pair of kicks that fit my feet!

I am happy to say for the most part the toes feel ok. I do think I will need to make a doc visit or start using some anti-inflammitories; but I am uber excited to get back into running!

The weather has been so good I have just been wanting to go and run! Like with coming back from any injury despite the fact that I have kept up with my CV endurance I will need to ease back. That does not mean I will go out and run 6 miles like I was before I took the month off. That means I go out for a leisure 1.5 miles and increase my miles from there. 

With my season being pushed back my goal to register for 4 halfs will probably not happen so I am setting a goal for 2 and doing 5k and 10k races to get me ready! 

Can’t wait to share my first run out with you!

Until next time

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