No Running Month Update

Hi All! Well I am glad to say my no running month is going well! The toes are feeling so much better although I am still having some swelling which I hope will be all gone by the end of next week!

As my hobby for running has driven out my competitive side and become more than just a hobby, running has been my main source of exercise. When this whole toe/foot/ankle business started in January it really put a damper on things. I finally said no more for the month of April.

Well what have I been doing to keep up everything? I have been swimming 2-3 days a week, doing yoga while Ari naps (unless I have to prep for class), and doing arms and ab workouts. I have been really good staying off my feet except for work, but even then I chill out in the golf cart until called upon. This routine has been working really well. I have seen some diminish in my quads but I am relating that to not doing any lower body lifting. I do plan on slowly integrating that back in next week.

The one thing I seemed to struggle with was nutrition. The first week I was counting calories, making sure I wasn’t over eating. In my mind I wasn’t running and I didn’t want to put on the pounds. It hit me after my second day swimming that “HEY YOU ARE STILL WORKING OUT!” It may only be 30 minutes but swimming is a great full body workout that tuckers you out! So I nixed that idea quickly and just did my normal eating.

The one thing I have been doing to keep me going with this new type of training is trying to beat the clock every time I swim. I have been going between 1000-1500 meters a swim. When I finally figured out a mile was only 1600 meters I strived for that and to do it in less time than my 1500 meter swim. I completed this goal yesterday! I was able to do a 1 mile swim in 37 minutes, which is a minute faster than my 1500 meter time! I am quite sore today so yoga is a must! I would like to be able to go for 1.5 miles be the end of this month (maybe 2, but I’ll be happy with 1.5).

Making goals for yourself is a great way to stay motivated when something is new!

Ok off to go do some much needed yoga. Namaste everyone 🙂


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