Kids in the kitchen

Have you ever thought about what to feed your kid or when to introduce them to the kitchen?

I say it is never too young to get them in the kitchen and interested in food! This post today was inspired by Food Network’s The Kitchen. We had come home from a tuckering afternoon at the park, so while Ari slept I threw on the Food Network and today’s episode of The Kitchen was all about kids. I said to myself “this is great! I need to write about this right now!”

Being a new mom I am always wanting Ari to be interested in food, but good food! I also love trying to think of healthy snacks she can munch on!

Ever since Ari was young I had her in the kitchen. She was held in one hand while stirring whatever I was making in the other. When she could sit I would take out the bowls and give her spoons or spatulas and she would “cook” for me! She loves it so much a dear friend got Ari her very own whisks and spatulas for Christmas :).

If you are able I feel getting kids in the kitchen at a young age and introducing them to those good wholesome foods will help in the long run. Today childhood obesity is on the rise and it is due to too much screen time and not enough physical activity, as well as, too much junk food. I know it’s tough when you have a screaming kid in the back seat or a super picky eater that going through the drive through is an easy out but think about what you are feeding your kid when you do that. If we introduce this type of food and lifestyle to our kids then that is what they will know and want. If we chose to introduce fresh and healthy wholesome foods to our kids and get them involved in the kitchen this will stay with them through their life time. Make sure your kids know how to cook so when they are on their own in years to come they are able to fend for themselves and ideally keep their healthy lifestyle.

If you are saying to yourself “where do I find healthy foods that my kids will like” well there are tons of options.  Food Network and Pinterest have quite a bit of ideas on how to encorporate beans or veggies into yummy treats! Check out today’s episode of The Kitchen, they had a whole segment on hidden good foods in treats. Knowing how to hide good foods in treats is always a good trick for moms to have up their sleeves with picky kids!

So tonight have your kids help you cook no matter how old they are! As a mom who always has their kid in the kitchen Ari is always interested in what I am chopping up. I give her a taste and if she likes it great and if not we try again next time! This is a great way to introduce yummy foods to your children and get their palate use to it! Never be afraid to introduce new flavors to your kids, they may like it and surprise you! And for those picky eaters get on Google, check out  Food Network and Pinterest for healthy recipes with those hidden ingredients! I have zucchini bread bites on my recipe page.

IMG_5984[1]Now go have fun in the kitchen! I know Ari does! Until next time.

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