When your walls break down 

Well the week of soup is still going but last tonight no one was feeling it! All I wanted was a big bowl of pasta and well I got! But what didn’t plan on getting was the sugary goodness of sour patch kids. I went into CVS to pick up some things and there they stood. I said I’ve been good this week; I swam, I did core and arms, for the most part stayed off my feet so they will hopefully heal!

So I go in for the kill but I didn’t see the little box which is a single serving size, so grab the bag. I turn around and there is the single serving I pick it up then hem and Haud finally I left with the bag not the tiny little box of sour patch kids. Mind you I did just have a great workout with my lacrosse girls and was about to eat a big ol’ bowl of pasta!

I finish half my pasta and I go for the sweets. I ate half the bag put it away and 20 minutes and 700 empty calories later GONE! And yes you read that right 700 calories! I nearly fainted! And I am praying this has become a huge turn off to sour patch kids!

Now you may be thinking wow you pig or why is she telling us this or she has no self control! The answer is simple I am human and humans slip every once and a while! And I want to show you that I am accountable for what I eat! My hopes from this post is to let you know it’s ok! We can’tdeprive ourselves   from those treats. Should we eat the whole bag probably not a good idea. Should we have a serving size, YES!

When  we have those days we didn’t go to the gym or ate bad what we need  to do is acknowledge and move on.  Unfortunately this is one reason why men lose weight easier than women. When men make a mistake they move on they don’t dwell over it for forever and a day. It has been found that women dwell and then tend to either go back to old ways or have extreme restriction of calories, or just don’t know how to move forward so stay in this limbo of contemplation

It took me a long time to get to this point where I say oh well and move on. There are still some days  (my husband will probably tell you more often than not) I just have to remember what is done is done I made the decision to go there, I went and there is no turning back. And all this means is to get back on track! Tomorrow is another day! A better day! I will track what I am eating and be good!  I have a fridge full of left over healthy soups and those will be my lunch and dinner today!

Like I have said before and I tell my kids when I teach nutrition you can eat what you like but in moderation. If you are on this journey of change don’t deprive yourself of the things you like just don’t eat them all the time and when you do treat yourself eat the serving size! When we go through this change guilt is part of the process. I would have a lot of guilt when I ate something that wasn’t good for me or had too much garlic bread with my pasta. Remember we are human and you have made a decision for change and that is step 1! It’s a hard long road so stay positive! You can do it!

Until next time….

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