Being a good Patient!

Ok Folks, yesterday was day 1 of being off my feet for workouts. I dug out the bathing suit, swim cap and goggles as it’s been about 3 years since the last time I went for a swim, packed the gym bag so it was ready to go in the AM! As part of my plan not only do I want to keep my CV endurance up but I am taking this time to work on flexibility and upper body strength.

Morning comes and Ari actually went down for a descent morning nap! So besides getting all my food and Ari’s ready for the day I got in a great 25 minute yoga session

Let me tell you this month is going to be crucial to gaining some flexibility as my body is just tight! Not ideal for a runner or any athlete!

After my lecture I quickly packed up and rushed off to the gym for my swim! Now remember I haven’t swam in 3 years so I knew from the beginning it was not going to be a long swim but I wanted it to be effective!

As I go to head into the pool I am met by this very door which I thought was an amazing sign for not just me but anyone who may be struggling either from injury, weight loss, or not even health and fitness related


This IS your door  to opportunity! Don’t be afraid of it! This door will lead you to a better you, you just need to gran a hold of the handle, turn the nob and take the plunge!

Ok enough of the symbolism for now! I am off for my swim!img_5430

well I did 600 meters over 20 minutes and let me tell you I am feeling it today! I have not used these muscles in a long time. I also felt it when I was swimming, my upper body was fatiguing quickly. But you have to start somewhere! I will be able to increase my distance and time from here. But you would never know I was tired after my swim. img_5431

I really need to stop smiling in my after pictures! No actually I should probably keep on smiling to show you all EXERCISE IS FUN!!!!! Which is quite true if you don’t’ make it a chore and are doing something you like! That is the KEY to it!

Until next time!

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