I am my worst patient

As an Athletic Trainer I am always evaluating injuries, making treatment plans and telling my kids they NEED to follow it or they will just push back their return to play. Now, knowing this you would think it would be easy to take my own advice and treatment plans. Well, “we are all our own worse patient.” I had an orthopedic tell me that once and it is so true!

With several months of swollen painful toes, pain in the balls of my feet and my ankle sprain; and holding out to see a doctor until I absolutely have to I have made the decision to take the month of April “off”. Off from running that is. With having some thoughts of what the diagnosis may be when it comes to my feet I need to take the time off to see if it is overuse or something else.

With this year being the year of races for my husband and I was and still am extremely discourage that my running season has not gotten off to the right foot! But, if I ever want to excel in this hobby I need to take care of my body first. If you don’t take care of yourself you will never excel in your sport and could potentially do further unnecessary damage.

To not lose the cardiovascular endurance I have worked so hard to get I need to do SOMEHTING! Thankfully my gym has a pool! Pools are great for lower body weight bearing injuries. if you have rotator cuff issues swimming is probably not the best way to go :). With swimming I will be able to keep the pressure off my feet and not have to start from square one when I get back into running in a month.  I am also going to take this month to concentrate on my stretching and upper body strength. I will not touch my lower body for 2 weeks and then do minimal strength training on the lower body (nothing too much to irritate the feet!).

When it comes to nutrition I have to keep much better track this month as I am not going to be working as hard or as strong as I would be running. I can go on an hour run. I honestly don’t think I can do an hour swim right now. My meals will alter slightly but not too much! Thankfully I have a pretty good handle on this.

When you get injured it does not mean you have to neglect your body. You can still maintain your fitness you just need to take the time to search how to make the adjustments and what exercises are the best for you and your injury. Don’t lose hope! Don’t become a couch potato! I know it’s discouraging and you can slip into this depressive state but remember if you do nothing while you are injured it will not help you in the long run!

To help me stay motivated and accountable I will be posting about my recovery workouts! Stay tune!

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