No Running Month Update

Hi All! Well I am glad to say my no running month is going well! The toes are feeling so much better although I am still having some swelling which I hope will be all gone by the end of next week!

As my hobby for running has driven out my competitive side and become more than just a hobby, running has been my main source of exercise. When this whole toe/foot/ankle business started in January it really put a damper on things. I finally said no more for the month of April.

Well what have I been doing to keep up everything? I have been swimming 2-3 days a week, doing yoga while Ari naps (unless I have to prep for class), and doing arms and ab workouts. I have been really good staying off my feet except for work, but even then I chill out in the golf cart until called upon. This routine has been working really well. I have seen some diminish in my quads but I am relating that to not doing any lower body lifting. I do plan on slowly integrating that back in next week.

The one thing I seemed to struggle with was nutrition. The first week I was counting calories, making sure I wasn’t over eating. In my mind I wasn’t running and I didn’t want to put on the pounds. It hit me after my second day swimming that “HEY YOU ARE STILL WORKING OUT!” It may only be 30 minutes but swimming is a great full body workout that tuckers you out! So I nixed that idea quickly and just did my normal eating.

The one thing I have been doing to keep me going with this new type of training is trying to beat the clock every time I swim. I have been going between 1000-1500 meters a swim. When I finally figured out a mile was only 1600 meters I strived for that and to do it in less time than my 1500 meter swim. I completed this goal yesterday! I was able to do a 1 mile swim in 37 minutes, which is a minute faster than my 1500 meter time! I am quite sore today so yoga is a must! I would like to be able to go for 1.5 miles be the end of this month (maybe 2, but I’ll be happy with 1.5).

Making goals for yourself is a great way to stay motivated when something is new!

Ok off to go do some much needed yoga. Namaste everyone ūüôā



Kids in the kitchen

Have you ever thought about what to feed your kid or when to introduce them to the kitchen?

I say it is never too young to get them in the kitchen and interested in food! This post today was inspired by Food Network’s The Kitchen. We had come home from a tuckering afternoon at the park, so while Ari slept I threw on the Food Network and today’s episode of The Kitchen was all about kids. I said to myself “this is great! I need to write about this right now!”

Being a new mom I am always wanting Ari to be interested in food, but good food! I also love trying to think of healthy snacks she can munch on!

Ever since Ari was young I had her in the kitchen. She was held in one hand while stirring whatever I was making in the other. When she could sit I would take out the bowls and give her spoons or spatulas and she would “cook” for me! She loves it so much a dear friend got Ari her very own whisks and spatulas for Christmas :).

If you are able I feel getting kids in the kitchen at a young age and introducing them to those good wholesome foods will help in the long run. Today childhood obesity is on the rise and it is due to too much screen time and not enough physical activity, as well as, too much junk food. I know it’s tough when you have a screaming kid in the back seat or a super picky eater that going through the drive through is an easy out but think about what you are feeding your kid when you do that. If we introduce this type of food and lifestyle to our kids then that is what they will know and want. If we chose to introduce fresh and healthy wholesome foods to our kids and get them involved in the kitchen this will stay with them through their life time. Make sure your kids know how to cook so when they are on their own in years to come they are able to fend for themselves and ideally keep their healthy lifestyle.

If you are saying¬†to yourself “where do I find healthy foods that my kids will like” well there are tons of options. ¬†Food Network¬†and Pinterest have quite a bit of ideas on how to encorporate beans or veggies into yummy treats! Check out today’s episode of The Kitchen, they had a whole segment on hidden good foods in treats.¬†Knowing how to hide good foods in treats is always a good trick for moms to have up their sleeves with picky kids!

So tonight have your kids help you cook no matter how old they are! As a mom who always has their kid in the kitchen Ari is always interested in what I am chopping up. I give her a taste and if she likes it great and if not we try again next time! This is a great way to introduce yummy foods to your children and get their palate use to it! Never be afraid to introduce new flavors to your kids, they may like it and surprise you! And for those picky eaters get on Google, check out  Food Network and Pinterest for healthy recipes with those hidden ingredients! I have zucchini bread bites on my recipe page.

IMG_5984[1]Now go have fun in the kitchen! I know Ari does! Until next time.

When your walls break down 

Well the week of soup is still going but last tonight no one was feeling it! All I wanted was a big bowl of pasta and well I got! But what didn’t plan on getting was the sugary goodness of sour patch kids. I went into CVS to pick up some things and there they stood. I said I’ve been good this week; I swam, I did core and arms, for the most part stayed off my feet so they will hopefully heal!

So¬†I¬†go in for the kill but I didn’t see the little box which is a single serving size, so grab the bag. I turn around and there is the single serving I pick it up then hem and Haud finally I left with the bag not the tiny little box of sour patch kids. Mind you I did just have a great workout with my lacrosse girls and was about to eat a big ol’ bowl of pasta!

I finish half my pasta and I go for the sweets. I ate half the bag put it away and 20 minutes and 700 empty calories later GONE! And yes you read that right 700 calories! I nearly fainted! And I am praying this has become a huge turn off to sour patch kids!

Now you may be thinking wow you pig or why is she telling us this or she has no self control! The answer is simple I am human and humans slip every once and a while! And I want to show you that I am accountable for what I eat! My hopes from this post is to let you know it’s ok! We can’tdeprive ourselves ¬† from those treats. Should we eat the whole bag probably not a good idea. Should we have a serving size, YES!

When ¬†we have those days we didn’t go to the gym or ate bad what we need ¬†to do is acknowledge and move on. ¬†Unfortunately this is one reason why men lose weight easier than women. When men make a mistake they move on they don’t dwell over it for forever and a day. It has been found that women dwell and then tend to either go back to old ways or have extreme restriction of calories, or just don’t know how to move forward so stay in this limbo of contemplation

It took me a long time to get to this point where I say oh well and move on. There are still some days  (my husband will probably tell you more often than not) I just have to remember what is done is done I made the decision to go there, I went and there is no turning back. And all this means is to get back on track! Tomorrow is another day! A better day! I will track what I am eating and be good!  I have a fridge full of left over healthy soups and those will be my lunch and dinner today!

Like I have said before and I tell my kids when I teach nutrition you can eat what you like but in moderation. If you are on this journey of change don’t deprive yourself of the things you like just don’t eat them all the time and when you do treat yourself eat the serving size! When we go through this change guilt is part of the process. I would have a lot of guilt when I ate something that wasn’t good for me or had too much garlic bread with my pasta. Remember we are human and you have made a decision for change and that is step 1! It’s a hard long road so stay positive! You can do it!

Until next time….

Being a good Patient!

Ok Folks, yesterday was day 1 of being off my feet for workouts. I dug out the bathing suit, swim cap and goggles as it’s been about 3 years since the last time I went for a swim, packed the gym bag so it was ready to go in the AM! As part of my plan not only do I want to keep my CV endurance up but I am taking this time to work on flexibility and upper body strength.

Morning comes and Ari actually went down for a descent morning nap! So besides getting all my food and Ari’s ready for the day I got in a great 25 minute yoga session

Let me tell you this month is going to be crucial to gaining some flexibility as my body is just tight! Not ideal for a runner or any athlete!

After my lecture I quickly packed up and rushed off to the gym for my swim! Now remember I haven’t swam in 3 years so I knew from the beginning it was not going to be a long swim but I wanted it to be effective!

As I go to head into the pool I am met by this very door which I thought was an amazing sign for not just me but anyone who may be struggling either from injury, weight loss, or not even health and fitness related


This IS your door  to opportunity! Don’t be afraid of it! This door will lead you to a better you, you just need to gran a hold of the handle, turn the nob and take the plunge!

Ok enough of the symbolism for now! I am off for my swim!img_5430

well I did 600 meters over 20 minutes and let me tell you I am feeling it today! I have not used these muscles in a long time. I also felt it when I was swimming, my upper body was fatiguing quickly. But you have to start somewhere! I will be able to increase my distance and time from here. But you would never know I was tired after my swim. img_5431

I really need to stop smiling in my after pictures! No actually I should probably keep on smiling to show you all EXERCISE IS FUN!!!!! Which is quite true if you don’t’ make it a chore and are doing something you like! That is the KEY to it!

Until next time!

Soups on!

Just as spring had started to spring and New England weather clearly ismad at its residents! We are hit with snow and a week of cold! GROSSūüėĚ 

So this week is a week of healthy stews! Tonight was my husbands amazing turkey chili! Loaded with tons of protein, veggies and overall goodness!! Oh and did I mention a serving is a whopping 211calories!! And its filling! Tonight I decided to have mine over quinoa with some avocado

Later this week I am making a hearty minestrone, Spanish chicken stew, and creamy dairy-free tomato basil (of course with grilled cheese on the side)ūüėú. Stay tuned recipies will be posted this week! 

Oh and you can’t forget about dessert! A healthy strawberry crisp with banana “ice cream”    

 Until next time!

I am my worst patient

As an Athletic Trainer I am always evaluating injuries, making treatment plans and telling my kids they NEED to follow it or they will just push back their return to play. Now, knowing this you would think it would be easy to take my own advice and treatment plans. Well, “we are all our own worse patient.” I had an orthopedic tell me that once and it is so true!

With several months of swollen painful toes, pain in the balls of my feet and my ankle sprain; and holding out to see a doctor until I absolutely have to I have made the decision to take the month of April “off”. Off from running that is. With having some thoughts of what the diagnosis may be when it comes to my feet I need to take the time off to see if it is overuse or something else.

With this year being the year of races for my husband and I was and still am extremely discourage that my running season has not gotten off to the right foot! But, if I ever want to excel in this hobby I need to take care of my body first. If you don’t take care of yourself you will never excel in your sport and could potentially do further unnecessary damage.

To not lose the cardiovascular endurance I have worked so hard to get I need to do SOMEHTING! Thankfully my gym has a pool! Pools are great for lower body weight bearing injuries. if you have rotator cuff issues swimming is probably not the best way to go :). With swimming I will be able to keep the pressure off my feet and not have to start from square one when I get back into running in a month.  I am also going to take this month to concentrate on my stretching and upper body strength. I will not touch my lower body for 2 weeks and then do minimal strength training on the lower body (nothing too much to irritate the feet!).

When it comes to nutrition I have to keep much better track this month as I am not going to be working as hard or as strong as I would be running. I can go on an hour run. I honestly don’t think I can do an hour swim right now. My meals will alter slightly but not too much! Thankfully I have a pretty good handle on this.

When you get injured it does not mean you have to neglect your body. You can still maintain your fitness you just need to take the time to search how to make the adjustments and what exercises are the best for you and your injury. Don’t lose hope! Don’t become a couch potato! I know it’s discouraging and you can slip into this depressive state but remember if you do nothing while you are injured it will not help you in the long run!

To help me stay motivated and accountable I will be posting about my recovery workouts! Stay tune!