The unwanted sweet tooth

I never had a sweet tooth before I became pregnant and it has seemed to have not gone away! I am always trying to think of ways to satisfy this need for sweets in a healthy way! 

Fruit is absolutely amazing! With being dairy free if I want something sweet I have to make it or go for the fruit. This helped so much during my pregnancy! If I wasn’t tired and not wanting to bake I would have probably gained a ton of weight. 

Tonight I had an amazing bowl of strawberries, kiwi and mango topped with an almond butter chocolate drizzle…. CAN YOU SAY YUUUUM😀 

Yes the bowl is half eaten but I wanted to show you how fruit can be brought to the next level! 

You have a 1/4 cup of each fruit a teaspoon of homemade almond butter and 5 chips melted and drizzled on top! Not only is this just 122 calories but it’s filled with goodness and a little bit of protein to keep you filled till morning! 

Having hypothyroidism the medication I am on does not allow me to eat until 30 min after taking. Some days this is killer and my stomach lets me know! I have found having a snack with a bit of protein helps me in the morning while I wait patiently to be able to eat my breakfast!

Happy snacking everyone!

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