I didn’t come in last place!

Well I think I found a new run tradition. My town’s lion club puts on a race the Saturday before Easter every year and this year I decided to sign up and had my mother-in-law join me. The for cast was suppose to be sunny and high of 57. Well at the 8:30 shot gun start it was far from the weather we had hoped. So we stayed in the car until the last possible minute!

Last week with the craze of the huge race we both got over zealous and started off way too quick. This week there were only a few hundred runners which was SO nice. We told ourselves we are going to start off slow and go at our own pace. Well that’s what I did and my mother-in-law being a much better runner than I was stiff with the head of the pack while I brought up the rear. 

It was a good day and I beat my time from last week by a minute. Although I felt like I was in last place I did not come in last overall or for my age group! I was 11/12 for my age and you know who I beat….. A 7 year old! Yup, my husband told me that and I was like well I didn’t place last! I know I have a lot of work ahead of me to become a better runner  but as long as I keep the positive mentality I know it will make what sometimes feels like an awful chore instead of a competitive hobby good!


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