First Race of the Season

Last Saturday I ran the Holyoke St. Patric’s Day Road Race. With a pulled hamstring and having a really bad start to my training season due to my ankle injury I came in at 1:04. Not too horrible I would of liked to have been right under that 1 hour mark. 

 It was a crazy day though over 6,000 runners and probably double the amount of spectators handing you beer and water to refuel! As I was dying due to the many hills in the course I did not partake in fueling my body with beer, many runners did and man did the crowd go wild!

This year was my first and last year running the race but we did it for a great cause. Along with my in-laws (some ran, some walked) we decided to participate in this years race as a part of Kappy’s Krew and run to cure Alpha-1 which my father-in-law suffers from. 

 All and all it was a good day! And it ended with a really good treat! Ben and Jerry’s dairy free ice cream!

Stay tune for info on our race to cure Alpha-1 and race  #2!

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