The unwanted sweet tooth

I never had a sweet tooth before I became pregnant and it has seemed to have not gone away! I am always trying to think of ways to satisfy this need for sweets in a healthy way! 

Fruit is absolutely amazing! With being dairy free if I want something sweet I have to make it or go for the fruit. This helped so much during my pregnancy! If I wasn’t tired and not wanting to bake I would have probably gained a ton of weight. 

Tonight I had an amazing bowl of strawberries, kiwi and mango topped with an almond butter chocolate drizzle…. CAN YOU SAY YUUUUM😀 

Yes the bowl is half eaten but I wanted to show you how fruit can be brought to the next level! 

You have a 1/4 cup of each fruit a teaspoon of homemade almond butter and 5 chips melted and drizzled on top! Not only is this just 122 calories but it’s filled with goodness and a little bit of protein to keep you filled till morning! 

Having hypothyroidism the medication I am on does not allow me to eat until 30 min after taking. Some days this is killer and my stomach lets me know! I have found having a snack with a bit of protein helps me in the morning while I wait patiently to be able to eat my breakfast!

Happy snacking everyone!


I didn’t come in last place!

Well I think I found a new run tradition. My town’s lion club puts on a race the Saturday before Easter every year and this year I decided to sign up and had my mother-in-law join me. The for cast was suppose to be sunny and high of 57. Well at the 8:30 shot gun start it was far from the weather we had hoped. So we stayed in the car until the last possible minute!

Last week with the craze of the huge race we both got over zealous and started off way too quick. This week there were only a few hundred runners which was SO nice. We told ourselves we are going to start off slow and go at our own pace. Well that’s what I did and my mother-in-law being a much better runner than I was stiff with the head of the pack while I brought up the rear. 

It was a good day and I beat my time from last week by a minute. Although I felt like I was in last place I did not come in last overall or for my age group! I was 11/12 for my age and you know who I beat….. A 7 year old! Yup, my husband told me that and I was like well I didn’t place last! I know I have a lot of work ahead of me to become a better runner  but as long as I keep the positive mentality I know it will make what sometimes feels like an awful chore instead of a competitive hobby good!


First Race of the Season

Last Saturday I ran the Holyoke St. Patric’s Day Road Race. With a pulled hamstring and having a really bad start to my training season due to my ankle injury I came in at 1:04. Not too horrible I would of liked to have been right under that 1 hour mark. 

 It was a crazy day though over 6,000 runners and probably double the amount of spectators handing you beer and water to refuel! As I was dying due to the many hills in the course I did not partake in fueling my body with beer, many runners did and man did the crowd go wild!

This year was my first and last year running the race but we did it for a great cause. Along with my in-laws (some ran, some walked) we decided to participate in this years race as a part of Kappy’s Krew and run to cure Alpha-1 which my father-in-law suffers from. 

 All and all it was a good day! And it ended with a really good treat! Ben and Jerry’s dairy free ice cream!

Stay tune for info on our race to cure Alpha-1 and race  #2!

Getting ready for race 1

Well this Saturday will  mark the first race of my season! I am quite excited but a bit scared at the same time. My season did not get off to the best start. It began with an ankle injury from cross country skiing and then once I recovered from that I strained my hamstring and it has decided to linger on. 

I am quite happy it is just a 10k as I haven’t been able to put in the miles I would have liked. Despite all this I took advantage of the nice weather and day off from school Friday to go for a 5 mile run. I wrapped my hamstring and went off. The weather was georgeous and I told myself if I can do this I can run the 6 miles Saturday. It was slow and steady but I did it! 

I know I’m not going to get the best time Saturday which when you have had a rocky start and are still dealing with some ailments is the mindset you should go in with. I am not setting any goals for this race so I can push if I only feel comfortable pushing myself. I am just trying to stay positive as I know the strain will not linger forever.

Back to the grind!

Some people hate Mondays, well yesterday I was LOVING Monday! I FINALLY got back into the gym after my ankle injury! I put my running shoes on and had a great 2 mile run. Can’t wait to get a run outside!

On top of getting back to the training grind. I found out my Prep Basketball team safely did not make the playoffs, but fortunately for me that means home early for the next 2 weeks!