The Rut

Have you ever been doing well with something and then seem to just fall into this rut? Well that’s been me this past week (see it happened to everyone). 

I feel like breakfast: good ✔️; snacks: all healthy, measured and portioned ✔️; lunch: healthy, measured and portioned ✔️. Then it comes to dinner which if I eat it at work all good. If I eat it at home I get sloppy. I know I eat more than I am suppose to and I feel like I’m just mindlessly snacking. 

Then on top of it all I’ve had a sweet tooth, craving candy, hot coco, JUST SOMETHINGSWEET!!! I never had a sweet tooth before I got pregnant with Ari. 

Of course I could do the easy thing and make her my scape goat blaming her that I now like sweets but let’s be serious it’s my own lack of self control. It happens we are human! And guess what! I feel fat and bloats and yucky!!! I have made a pact with myself that I am going to get back on MyFitnessPal and start logging everything again to keep me accountable. Sometimes you just need a week or two to get back in check! 

Like I said we are all human and change is hard. Hell I’ve been doing it since 2012! I am still in maintainable every day. It’s ik and I accept that but I can’t dwell on the week I’ve had and if you can relate you shouldn’t dwell on it either. Accept the week was bad and move on! Wherever you are in your journey remember you have made an impact on your life by deciding to make a lifestyle change. You are beautiful, strong and powerful and don’t let anyone tell you differently. You will get through the rut! If I can, you can! I have faith!

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