Cheat Day

What I like to call everything in moderation some refer to as a cheat day. In my years of learning and teaching I have become a big promoter of everything in moderation. What does that mean? you may be asking yourself. Well in terms of what we eat it means this: YOU CANNOT ELIMINATE EVERYTHING “BAD” FROM YOUR DIET!

In my personnel opinion you must treat yourself to succeed. For example, if you decided to go through a change with your eating habits, going cold turkey from those bowls of ice cream and french fries probably wont be successful. Some of you may have the discipline but most of us don’t. The sad truth is if we do decide to go cold turkey, temptation is greater when those foods are around us and in most cases we cannot resist and go over board.

When I was going through my transformation I had my one day a week as my “cheat” day, more like “cheat meal” or “cheat dessert”. I did not waist the whole day away, remember you are still working for a goal. Second, if I are wings one day cause we went out and then ice cream another or had a day of bad eating I tried my best not to beat myself up as I know that is something you should NOT do! We all may fall off the ban-wagon during our journey to a healthier life but it doesn’t mean you need to beat yourself up. Just hop right back on, leave the past in the past!

It has been statistically proven that women will do this more often than men. That is one of the reasons woman tend to struggle more than men with weight loss. Guys tend to have the what happened in the past stays in the past mentality. They do not dwell that they had a little too much beers and wings while watching the game last night. They move one and continue their healthy eating and exercise regime as if nothing had happen. Women tend to dwell on it and beat themselves up. WELL DON’T. If you are eating good 80-90% of the time that is awesome! You deserve a treat! Just remember EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

Now I am not telling you to go on a binge that is NOT MODERATION. What I am hoping to get across in this post is that it is ok to eat bad every once an a while. For example last night when watching the Pats play we went to a friends and they ordered wings. For apps and dessert we had healthier foods; Kale chips, oven roasted sweet potato fries, home made salsa and chips; for dessert ice cream made from coconut milk, bananas and almond butter with a healthier version chocolate chip cookie. Even if you don’t decide to go healthy on your apps and desert just have a little bit.

When you don’t deprive yourself from these indulgences you will tend to not go crazy and just a little taste of everything will satisfy you until the next time. Remember you only live once and you aren’t eating like this every day! Tomorrow you go back to the way you have been eating and continue your daily workouts!







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