Home Workouts

Now a days the excuse I don’t have time to workout is just bogus! Workouts can be quick with 110% effort put into them and practically done anywhere. You don’t need a fancy gym or even any equipment. If you are looking just for some general fitness and are not sports specific then there are tons of resources out there for you!

You can go to Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube (which is great for getting a visual of a workout or specific exercise) and Google and search for tabata or HIIT workout (high intensity interval workouts) and you will get a plethora of work outs at your disposal so don’t be overwhelmed! Pick one and try your best. Or download an interval timer pick 4-6 simple exercises set for 4-6 rounds and bam instant workout! An example would be:

squats, push-ups, lunges, plank jacks, high knees and hi-low crunches; 30 seconds work 10 seconds rest repeat 4 times = 16 min workout. If you have more time do more rounds!

 If you have equipment at home or want equipment kudos! Now utilize it! You can get relatively cheap equipment at Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and Amazon.

Have a treadmill or spin bike such as this one my husband is jamming out a workout on


You can get sport specific workouts for monthly subscriptions at a low cost. For our indoor training we have fallen in love with sufferfest which is only $10/month.

I know this is about home workouts but like I said in the beginning of this post you can workout or get some type of exercise in anywhere. Got a wall do some wall squats during your lunch break; waiting in those long lines at the grocery store as the ones I experienced today because everyone was freaking out about snow, do some heel raises; park far away from the store entrance and walk! The other day I didn’t have time for a workout so I ran some sprints with outer girls varsity basket ball team, did some wall squats and walking lunges around  the gym. 

So it’s official no excuses that you can’t get any type of workout into your day. Remember every little bit counts!


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