The woes of urban dance

My friend and I belong to our local Y and we are both espirimg to be healthier and consistent with going to the gym. Yesterday’s she tells me about this new class called Urban Dance and I hat she is going so of course I hop on the train to join. Excited as ever to get my groove on I tell my husband how I am going to Urban Dance, to which he replies “You know you guys are super white” trying to burst my bubble knowing I am that white chick with the white chick moves!

So 7:20pm rolls around and we venture out. I get to the gym and the lady teaching the class goes “Are you here for class?” Which I reply with an entuistic “Yes”. ” Oh, ok well Meg isn’t teaching urban dance anymore so I’m doing a cardio stretch class if you still want to join.”  Super disappointed I text Jessica. Man were we bummed (clearly my bummed out face needs some work!)image

Well we were already at the gym so off we went and had a great 45 min cardio workout. Despite not getting to shake out booties tonight was a fitness success!image

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